The most liberating thing you can do is overcome your programming. Once you learn to control your mind, you will find your emotions fall in line as well.

No, you probably will not instantly become rich and famous because you learned to control your mind. However, I have found that I am happier and more content.

I choose to participate in many discussions. A “friend” with an opposing political viewpoint tagged me in a ridiculous comment on Facebook. Of course, my first thoughts were several alternative replies. However, after studying the options, I chose not to reply at all.

THAT is the difference. You gain control. I had forgotten about it until the same man made a vulgar attack on me on my wall today. I started to reply, then decided to delete it. I sent him a personal message “You are welcome to post any civil discussion or argument on my wall. I will not allow personal attacks or vulgarity.

I once heard a speaker say that many believe the opposite of love is hate. He said that often love and hate are really close together – as many couples know. He said that the opposite of love is indifference. You just do not care any more.

One of the worst things that can happen to most people is to be shunned. I separated from my first desire, to protect my ego, and used a far more effective strategy – no action.

Why was no action so important? Was it because it was the most effective way to harm my “friend”? No. It was important because it did not keep my ego involved in the argument. I forgot about it. I maintained control. Imagine the benefit to me and others because I chose to use my brain for other ideas.

Am I in complete control? No. I continue to practice. I view it like any game – the more I practice the better I become.

Key is that you can do it too. If we were all to give up our neural programming, our inherited hatreds and fears, the prejudices that were passed along as experiences of life, imagine what the world would become!






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