Imagine a computer that could be the result of evolution. You know how a computer works. If you want new capabilities, you download another program or app.

Apps can now recognize and respond to your voice. I have Alexa at home. I say, “Alexa – What’s the forecast?”

Alexa says, “In Blaine, WA it is 47 degrees and partly sunny. Today you can expect more of the same with a high of 60 degrees.”

Does Alexa think? How would we know?

I know that I have thoughts. I assume that you have thoughts. I don’t know whether you do or not and don’t know of any way to prove it.

Are you merely the result of an evolutionary mechanism? Is your brain just a bio-computer? If so, what causes the program to change?

Alexa sits quietly waiting to hear a command. “Alexa” starts her going. Sometimes she mistakenly thinks she’s been called when she has not. She wakes up and gives some response.

Is your brain like that? Is it waiting for certain input and making responses based on that input? Does it occasionally make mistakes, like Alexa, and respond to something inappropriately?

I think a pretty strong case can be made that our brains are similar to Alexa. We are born with certain programs that we inherit from our parents. We download and/or create more programs based on our experience. Our experience includes schooling, church, parents, friends, advertising, all the things we are exposed to in life.

Is there a You? Can You control the programs? Can You decide which programs to delete? Can You create new programs?

I believe You can. I also believe many do not take control. They lead programmed lives. Some have claimed that the ego is a program of the brain. Its main function is to protect itself. It does that by using emotion and shutting down the thinking part of the brain.

In order for You to be in control, You have to be willing to alter that ego program. Think about your life. What have you been programmed to believe? Are You ready to let that go to find the Truth?

That is the process of Ascendancy.


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