Are you like me? Do you have trouble believing in a God that created you and gave you a soul so that you could make choices with the resultant rewards of eternal bliss or eternal hell? If so, I’ve got good news! Consider the Game of Life.

I once had an experience of being in a place with no stimulation. Nothing was happening. No sights. No sounds. Nothing to feel. It was quite peaceful but I was quickly bored. It was then that I got the reason for creation – to have an experience.

A universe was created consisting of electromagnetic fields. We experience the fields because of our receptors. We sense sight, sound, pressure, etc. because of stimulation of certain receptors that send signals to the brain and are interpreted as sensation.

I believe the part of us that has the experience is outside the electromagnetic universe and precedes it. In fact, that part of us can control the field to some extent. That is why we can choose to move our bodies, or not.

I had another experience. I was playing solitaire on a computer. In the screen, I could see the reflection of one of my sons playing the Super Mario video game. While playing the game he was totally absorbed. He was Mario. That gave me the idea of the Game of Life.

Think of all the games we play and enjoy. You might think Life is too serious to be a game. Games are fun.

Consider football. Football players hit each other. They drive to the goal. Is it fun? Those who play believe so. Those who watch have fun. Is it serious? One of my high school classmates broke his neck during a game and died. The game can have serious consequences.

If we want to play football, what is necessary? We need to mark off a field. We need a ball. We need players and rules. We need referees.

Now view life through the lens of a game. First, an electromagnetic field was created so that the Creator could have an experience. While football is limited to goals on both ends of a 100-yard field, the universe is unlimited. There are only 11 players on each side of a football game. The Game of Life has unlimited players.

So, what are the rules of the Game of Life? That is really the key question. Your experience can give you clues. Look at your rewards and penalties. Discover the rules and play to the best of your ability.

Consider this – God is having an experience through you.


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