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Business Basics

What you need to know to be successful - basic accounting, credit scores, finance, business structures, taxes. All in under an hour - without the filler.

  • The Beginner's Guide to Balance Sheets

    Calculate your net worth and the net worth of your business. Video 1

  • What everybody ought to know about income statements.

    How much do you really make? Video 2

  • The Secret of Double Entry Bookkeeping

    Taxes could wipe you out with this bookkeeping choice. Video 3

  • Finance

    Learn how to speak banker – get the financing you want. Video 4

  • Credit Score

    Is your “good” credit costing you thousands of $$ every year? Video 5

  • Business Structures

    Don’t lose your home due to poor legal advice. Video 6

  • Taxes

    The most common cause of business bankruptcy. Video 7

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Business Valuation

Buying a business is the fastest way to owning a profitable business and the fastest way to expand. Learn how you can buy right. Thinking of selling? You'll want to know this too. Watch all videos in under an hour.

  • Why you should not rely on an appraisal.

    A common mistake you can avoid.

  • Is your money doing the work or are you?

    Many buyers over-pay for a business because of this simple misunderstanding!

  • Where to go to start your negotiation.

    This is an easy way to find the weakness in any business.

  • Two ways to determine Return On Investment

    Simple, easy to use, and make sense!

  • How to calculate book value

    Another way of looking at a business.

  • Systems - the difference between good and great

    Are systems in place? Great businesses have great systems.

  • Two commonly used financial ratios and what they really mean.

    Don’t let bankers and brokers bamboozle you with financial ratios.

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Mental Mastery - How to Achieve Success and Happiness

Mental Mastery - Many people (99%?) have college degrees and work hard, but don't make much money. Others (1%?) seem to make money easily, while bucking all the "rules". Then there are those who make lots of money and still are not happy. Why? Can you change your thinking and move from the 99% to the 1%? Mental Mastery is here to help. You could quickly watch all the videos and get the information. The power comes from doing the exercises. Learn to go past your physical limitations and access the source of power and knowledge. I recommend practicing a minimum of 5 minutes per day. Complete the series in 8 weeks. Then continue for the rest of your life.

  • How to delete the ego program

    Nothing limits your success more than what you “know” to be true. Learn to think accurately and open your mind to possibilities.

  • This experience changed my life

    I thought I was in control of my mind until I had this experience. It changed everything!

  • Creating and controlling your neural programs

    Learn how to program your brain to find your desires. Watch for things to happen in your life.

  • Use these two "Spiritual Laws" to propel your success.

    Or fail to use them at your own peril.

  • Visualization to Realization

    Many talk about the power of visualization. The real power is in realization – making your dream a reality.

  • Goal Setting

    Are you achieving the wrong goals? Mental mastery will help you recognize when your goals conflict with what you really want.

  • The power of the master mind

    Nobody achieves greatness without the help of others. Multiply your power with the help of people in close association with you.

  • Flexibility and persistence

    Persistence is necessary to succeed. Often flexibility is needed to achieve your goals.

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Negotiation is the process of discussion to reach an agreement. You negotiate with people everyday, probably without thinking about it. Some are naturals. Others must study and work to master the process. This course will provide you with the most common negotiation tactics and give you examples of how I've used them in my life.

  • Negotiation Basics

  • Twelve Negotiation Tactics

  • Negotiating a Car Sale

  • Negotiating a Real Estate Sale

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Success Essentials - Entire Package of Courses

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Mental Mastery

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