Religious Conversions…God’s Perspective

I was walking with Nathan in the stroller Sunday morning and saw a man waiting for a ride. He was dressed in white pants, blue shirt, blue tie, with a white hat hanging down his back from the drawstring around his neck. We spoke to each other and I complimented his appearance. Soon he was asking me what I thought of the world of rapes, murders, etc. and what kind of world we would have once God takes over.

When I told him that everything is as it is supposed to be, he offered a tract to help me.

I handed it back to him with the reply, I’m way deeper into this than you can even imagine. He put the tract back. He began telling me about the infallibility of scripture. I told him that once you have a certain understanding, you can read the exact same scripture and arrive at an entirely different meaning.

He said, “You’re all right with rapes and murders.”

“God is all right with it or it wouldn’t exist,” I replied. “God could change anything instantly.”

Of course, the next comment was predictable, “We were given free will.”

To which I replied, “What is the source of free will? How can you make a choice?”

“It is divine,” he said.

“So how can something that is divine be wrong?”

We continued the discussion for a few minutes, until his ride showed up. We exchanged names and he commented that my baby “looks well fed.” (Nathan is a big eater and shows it.)

I saw my wife waiting for us in the yard. I pushed Nathan and my wife joined us to continue the walk. She had seen me talking with the man.

“Did a lot of people stop you to tell you what a cute grandson you have?” she asked.

“Well it started that way, but then he tried to covert me so I tried to convert him,” I replied with a smile.

“Did either of you convert the other?”


“Yeah. That’s usually the way it goes,” she was smiling too.

We continued our adventure without further comment about it.

Many people are locked in their beliefs. God is here – but not there. God is this – but not that.

Imagine a discussion of your life with God. What do you imagine? Do you believe that all your “sins” will be pointed out? Will you be told that you just aren’t good enough? Is that the God you believe in?

Do you believe that all your “sins” will be pointed out but because you stated a belief in the death of Jesus as a whipping boy for you, the slate will be wiped clean and you will be forgiven? You will then be good enough.

What if I told you that in the end God will see you with such love that you will be reduced to tears of joy.

What if I told you that God understands exactly why you did what you did and there is no judgement – just acceptance.

You are good enough – there is no such thing as not good enough.

Try backing out of the human condition to see the great play of life from afar. The “good, bad, beautiful and ugly” are all human adjectives of a human perspective. To believe that such is indicative of God’s perspective is faulty thinking.

That is the religious conversion I’d like to see.