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Mental Mastery - The First Essential


Every "decision" in your life starts from spirituality. You are a spirit using a body to have an experience. A couple of analogies can be helpful.

An elevator is good analogy. You can get on an elevator and punch a button for a floor. Or, you can get on and ride up and down while others push the buttons. Are you letting others push your buttons? Are you constantly thinking about what someone said or did and allowing them to affect you?


Or, you can get on and ride up and down while others push the buttons.


A self-driving car is another good analogy. You get in the car and tell it where you want to go. If the programming works correctly, it takes you there. Or it could be programmed to take you to a certain destination without your input. Think of your body as a programmable vehicle. You get in and choose where you want to go. Or, you can get in and let the program take you without your input. Are you controlling your programs or are your programs controlling you?



Are you controlling your programs or are the programs controlling you?


You say, of course I control my programs.

Well, not so fast. I thought the same thing. Then I had the experience that convinced me that I wasn't in control. In fact, I wasn't in control most of the time. I learned to take control.


Imagine your brain as a bio-computer that you can program and operate.


Imagine that your brain is a bio-computer that you can program and operate. Many self-help gurus say that the brain is the source of our power and that what you need to do is re-program your brain.

That is only partially right. Yes, your brain is powerful. Yes, you want to program it to achieve your success. However, the statement makes the obvious point that is so often overlooked. You must do the programming. That means the power is you!



That means the power is you!


I'll bet you've never been told that. Yet, you know it is true. I actually had an epiphany of how to use philosophy, physics and biology to arrive at the conclusions that either 1) you have no control of your life; or 2) you are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Most people believe that they are spiritual beings having a physical experience. However, the spirits of most people just ride the elevators or get in the vehicles and never take control. They are spectators in the game of life rather than players.


They are spectators in the game of life rather than players.


Think of a professional football game. You have eleven players on each side. That is 22 players. If you have two back up players for each position, that makes 66 total. There are thousands in the stands watching the game and perhaps millions watching on television.

The Game of Life isn't that much different from a football game. The top one percent are actively playing. The remaining 99 percent are mostly spectators. Are you ready to be a player instead of a spectator in the Game of YOUR Life?



Are you ready to be a player instead of a spectator in the Game of YOUR Life?


Please don't be offended by the question. It isn't your fault. Brain programming happens from birth, before you knew how to control it. In fact, there is some evidence that some programs may be genetically transferred. How weird is that?

As you grew, you were rewarded for making certain connections in your brain. You learned this is a dog and that is a cat, etc. You were also programmed to have certain beliefs. You may have been raised in a church and have programs about God. You may have learned (programmed - same thing) certain prejudices. You may have programs about money and work. You may have programs that led you to a certain career or field. You may have programs about politics.


It isn't your fault. Brain programming happens from birth... before you know how to control it.


All of those programs were put in place before you were old enough to know better. You just accepted them without question. In fact, some people never learn how to properly control their brains so that others don't program them. Marketing research is about programming your brain to buy things.

Here is the difficult part. Research has shown that what we learn first is difficult to change. In fact, you might argue that what you first learned is true even after being proven wrong.



In fact, you might argue that what you first learned is true even after being proven wrong.


How do you know what is true? You must experience the truth for yourself. That is the problem with religion. You are told to believe without question. You are told you must have faith. Again, there is a thread of truth to that. Experience is the result of putting faith to the test.

When I was in science classes as an undergrad, I learned concepts then went to the lab to have an experience. When I learned to fly, I learned concepts then got into an airplane to have an experience. Spirituality should be similar. That is my goal with my courses. I want to give you concepts then tell you how to have an experience. You must have enough faith to take the courses and try the experiments.


I want to give you concepts then tell you how to have an experience.


Imagine being able to stop your thinking and develop what I call the "chatter-free mind". So you can enjoy being aware without the mental distraction.

Imagine being able to stop participating in an argument and choose peace. So you can use your mental resources for something productive.

Imagine deprogramming your brain's limitations and programming it for success. So you can choose the right program to use for any situation.

Imagine having things just show up in your life. You can see more opportunities than you've ever seen in your life.

People just show up to complement your goals. Imagine finding a partner to share your experience.

Imagine developing a health consciousness and feeling better than ever.

It all starts with making a decision.



You might be afraid to try.


You might be afraid to try. We are taught to rely on our education - which is programming.

Preachers may tell you that the devil is behind this or some such nonsense. What you will learn is nothing could be further from the truth. You must have faith to go beyond the programming.

In fact, I have a different appreciation of the Bible. I believe the "son of man" is the physical body - the brain and its programming. The "son of God" is the spirit.

You will use your God-given abilities to question and think. You will realize that many have a spiritual hunger, but are trapped in the programming of their religion. They can't have the experience because they have more "faith" in the programming than in their spirit.

Programming has been passed down for generations. The only way to break it is to question the truth of it and take control. If you desire to be successful and accomplish what you want in life, you must dare to be yourself and create a path to success.

Fear is one reason why it is important to go through the philosophy and science and understand what you are doing.


What is Success to You?


How I Developed the Mental Mastery Course

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Mental Mastery - Week One

In this webinar you will learn the philosophy and science behind the course. You will learn to think accurately and why using your will puts you closest to your Creator. You will have an experience of losing control of your mind (a shock for many) and you will be given a 5-minute exercise to practice developing your control. You will also be given a technique for deprogramming your brain to become open-minded.

Mental Mastery - Week Two

The focus in week two is creating your reality. During week one you focus on controlling your mind. There is power in visualization - controlling the mind. I found that I could be great at visualization but not realization - until I discovered the secret that is missing in most self-help methods. You will have an experience that will show you that your power is not in your affirmations or visualizations - which is why it so often fails for so many. Your exercise will be to attract what you want in life.

Mental Mastery - Week Three

This week you'll learn two more concepts - what I call "universal laws" and how to use them to achieve your goals. You'll also learn how to conquer two fears that can stop you in your tracks.

Mental Mastery - Week Four

In week four you will put it all together. You'll learn about goal setting. You'll learn why some goals are easy and others seem impossible. You will learn what steps to take and how to build on the previous two weeks. You'll learn how to access your spiritual side for answers to your desires.

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  • How to Think Accurately
  • Connecting the Dots - Newtonian Physics to Evolution
  • Quantum Mechanics - Still Doesn't Give Will
  • The Experience of Losing Control of Your Mind and Using Your Will to Get It Back
  • Bonus Exercise: Deleting the I'm always right program.

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Bonus 1 - Business Basics

The essential concepts of business. Accounting, banking, business structures and taxes - all in under an hour.

Bonus 2 - Business Valuation

Making Return on Investment (ROI) make sense. In under an hour, you will learn how to think about major purchases.

Bonus 3 - Office Hours

You will have access to three webinars to answer your questions and help you implement the process in your life.

Bonus 4 - What YOU Want to Know About Real Estate Investing

A short, easy-to-read book on real estate fundamentals.


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Some people go into things with a plan of getting a refund. As you will learn in the last week of the course, that idea sets you up for failure.

The first week is free. You will actually have the experience that changed my life.

I'm looking for people who are committed - who want to change their lives. If you are looking for a guarantee here it is - if you don't improve yourself your life will never change. Professionals often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their education - with no guarantee of success.

Each week you should look back at how you have changed. Did you do the exercises? Are you tracking your progress? Can you sense that you are growing and changing? If not, attend a webinar and get help.

Or, you can ask for a refund, choose to be a spectator and go back to the grandstands of your life. The choice is yours.

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