One of my instructors in chiropractic college started a short anecdote with that headline. He had received a call from an accountant friend in California that he had not talked with for a long time. For perspective, the year was approximately 1982. The story went…
I finally realized why I was not making $70,000 a year. It was because I had never made $70,000 a year. So, I flew to New York and ran an advertisement looking for an accountant. I described the job I wanted and got a bunch of applications. Then I picked one and flew back to California, pretending to be him. I landed a great job and everything was fine. After a few months, I became worried that someone I knew would see me at a business lunch and call me by the wrong name. Finally it occurred to me. I applied for a new job and used myself as a reference. I am not making quite as much money, but I have changed my name back to my original name. Now, I have no worries.
True or not, it is a great story. Employers often pay based on experience and your previous pay scale. The other important aspect of this is your own mindset. What are you worth in your own mind? In the anecdote, the man realized that he could do the job of a $70,000 per year accountant. He did not need more training. He just needed to be perceived by others as worth that much.
The interesting thing is that it started in HIS mind. To make this personal, what limitations are holding your back? What would you like to do but do not believe you have the right credentials? Next ask yourself, is that true or just a limiting belief?
I admit that I too can fall victim to that thinking. I am constantly reading, learning, experiencing. Consider a miracle. Here is the definition I just got from Google: “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.”
Our experience is that we have will. We can control our thoughts and emotions. You can have that experience. If you understand the neural science, that is either illusion or a miracle. I choose to accept the miracle. I perform miracles, not because of my neural programming but because of my divine nature. You do too.
Change what you think about yourself and change how you act because of that belief. The process of change is itself a miracle. Accept that and watch the changes happen in your life.


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