I have had a lot of formal education – science, business, chiropractic, flying, real estate plus lessons from self-study and the School of Hard Knocks. The most valuable was learning to control my mind.
The philosophy of mind control is interesting. I believe it requires duality. There is a spiritual realm that controls the brain and produces the mind. I created a course based on that process. I call the course Ascendancy because I believe that is how we ascend in the game of life.
We all believe we control our thinking but it can be proven that most of the time we do not. Stream of consciousness is one thought following another without any direction. That is common. The direction changes based on some interrupt from the environment.
Some believe that what sets the top 1% of achievers apart is the ability to control their minds. They don’t let anything stop them from achieving their goals. They still experience the interruptions from the environment but get back on track to achieve their goals.
During my undergraduate training in science, we combined lab work with classroom study. Similarly, when learning to fly, I had lessons then got into a plane. Real learning comes from doing. Just reading or watching a lesson gives you an idea but doesn’t give you an experience. That is why I added exercises with each lesson. I want you to actually have the experience – not just read about it.
I recently heard, “Nobody can do your push-ups for you.” I have used that example for years. If I make an exercise lesson, you can watch it and at the end will know how to exercise. You won’t be any stronger. You must do the exercise.
The same is true with mind-control. You must do the exercise. I practice almost constantly. I say “almost” because I still find my mind runs off occasionally before I find it and bring it back to task.
I believe controlling the mind is the first step in being happy and having a successful life. How about you? What is the most important lesson you have learned?



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