Of course, tomorrow never comes. So you never read this. Think of the time you save!

You also lose any insights you might have received by reading.

Is there power in procrastination?

While at IBM, we were talking about the differences between two clients. One company had middle-age managers who were running the company by the numbers and really pushing to perform. The other company had senior leadership that seemed in no hurry to do anything.

It was interesting that the senior management made decisions by procrastinating. If you wait long enough, some choices will no longer be available. Sometimes new choices arise. That was especially true in the computer industry.

If you wait until nearer the deadline, you are under more pressure to get the job done. If you are a person that performs better under pressure, that might be beneficial.

Procrastination also allows your brain to be working on solutions while you wait.

The danger is opportunity cost.

Imagine that you followed the subject line and did not read this immediately. Imagine that I offered a reward if you responded within one hour. You would have missed out.

I had a real estate client earlier this year who found a home he was thinking of purchasing. At the last minute he had “trepidation”. He decided not to make an offer. Thirty days later, he got back to me. He wanted to look at that house again – too late. The opportunity was gone.

There can be power in procrastination. Always consider the opportunity cost.


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