Here is a great link for how to make better decisions. I was very pleased to see how many of the techniques are covered in my Ascendancy course (the foundation of the other courses.)
What is NOT covered is something that is fundamental to everything – the ability to exert your will over your mind – to control your programming. If you read the article and attempt to use the methods, you are doing what I formally teach. How often are you not doing it? That is the question.
Most of it really gets down to knowing what is true. A great example is a discussion I had over the weekend. My brother-in-law was a graduate student in genetics. He gave that up in the 80’s and went into construction. I told him about the recent observation of creation of a new species of bird. We had a short discussion about genetics. Later he made the statement, my information is 20 years old. That was a great realization on his part. It is easy to accept what we were taught 20 years ago as truth, even though we know information changes our perception of how things work.
Eugene Stead, M.D. was head of medicine at Duke. While in his 90’s he said that his memory was failing. He recognized that as an advantage. He could use Google and other search tools when he had a question and get the current thinking rather than the thinking he learned many years ago that was probably obsolete.
Point is that too often we fail to question our knowledge. We fail to use our will. When a question arises, we automatically assume we know the answer. Often, we are so set on the answer, we don’t realize that we didn’t even understand the question.
If you read the article in the first link, you will realize how important it can be to have a broad range of information. The article states that great thinkers have a lattice of ideas that they use to evaluate new information. You don’t need to be deep in every field. It is helpful to have basic knowledge of many fields.
When you can take what you know from one field and apply it in another, you see things many do not. It can help you question what is true and help you make better decisions. I find life is more interesting.


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