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Business Fundamentals

Do you have the specialized knowledge necessary to be a successful entrepreneur?

Business Basics - What you need to know to be successful - basic accounting, credit scores, finance, business structures, taxes. All in under an hour - without the filler.

Business Valuation - Buying a business is the fastest way to owning a profitable business and the fastest way to expand. Learn how you can buy right. Thinking of selling? You'll want to know this too. Watch all videos in under an hour.

The 1% Solution - Learn to Control Your Mind

Mental Mastery - Many people have college degrees and work hard, but don't make much money. Others seem to make money easily, while bucking all the "rules". Why? Can you change your thinking and move from the 99% to the 1%? Mental Mastery is here to help. You could quickly watch all the videos and get the information. The power comes from doing the exercises. I recommend practicing a minimum of 5 minutes per day. Complete the series in 8 weeks. Then continue for the rest of your life.

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