B. J. Palmer had a saying on a wall at Palmer College of Chiropractic that went something like this – Many people have the eyesight of an eagle and the vision of a clam.

A friend just posted that after watching Trump’s acceptance speech, he didn’t see the plan for accomplishment. That comment actually sparked the idea for this post. So many fail, not because they don’t have a vision, but because they don’t have a plan. They allow lack of a plan to stop the vision.

The people who get things done start with a vision and look for ways of accomplishing it. The first step of the plan can be finding people who can create the plan. Trump’s companies have created buildings. I doubt that he knows how to draw the plans, be a plumber, electrician, or even hit a nail with a hammer. Yet, he went from vision to reality by finding the right people.

Author of Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, was told by Andrew Carnegie, that the steel magnate knew nothing about the making and marketing of steel. Yet, at that time he was the wealthiest man in the world. What was the secret to his success? Finding the right people to get the job done and keeping perfect harmony among them.

The realization process is the process of going from vision (an idea in one mind) to reality (an idea in the minds of many). That is the creative process. Everything that has ever been created first started as an idea – a vision.

What do you want to accomplish in your life? Do you have a vision?

Can you help others accomplish their visions? That is really what every employee of every company is hired to do. Understand the vision of your company and become an essential element or a catalyst for making that vision a reality.

As far as Mr. Trump is concerned, do you like the vision? If so, what is your part? If you don’t like his vision for America, find your part in the alternative vision. We are all instrumental in creating our reality.



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