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To enlighten means to give someone greater knowledge or understanding about a subject or situation. The Academy offers books, courses and consulting on a variety of topics - all designed enlighten you. I hope you take advantage and enjoy!


Consulting - Insights for Success

Because Sometimes You Want Another Perspective

Ascendancy - Reaching the Top of Your Field

One of my talents is helping people cut through their "stuff" to find their truth. That involves cleaning up the programs we have created. It is the programs that we have accepted as truth holding us back.

Putting science and spirituality back together is a passion of mine. All successful people agree that mindset is key to success. A major ah-ha came for me when I realized that it is our spirit that gives us the ability to have will - to make decisions in life.

The key is duality. There is a spirit or mind that controls the physical body. Think of the physical body like a computer. It can run without direction based on previous programming. Or you, can become the programmer/operator and create your life based on what you truly want.

The process of becoming the operator/programmer of your brain is not something that can be accomplished in a few hours. It can be done by yourself. However, it is often difficult to see the programs we have accepted and question them for real growth. That is where I come in.

This program is 8 weeks and consists of 16 half-hour sessions.

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Download and fill out the application and agreement. Return by email to admin@AffolterAcademy.com or fax to 360-733-1182. Your application will not be considered until payment has been received. Use the Paypal button to pay. Thanks for applying. If not accepted into the program, your payment will be promptly refunded.



My mind seems to naturally go to business. I took a college course in economics while a high school senior. I had a subscription to The Wall Street Journal. I planned to become a chiropractor and completed the pre-med curriculum. When I learned about the MBA program, it seemed like a good idea no matter what I wound up doing.

In addition to the natural inclination and education, I worked for IBM for 3 years; 30+ years in private practice; 15+ years as a real estate broker; and 10+ years helping my son as a general contractor.

It seems that I can talk with nearly anyone and in a few minutes give them some valuable insights on their business. Of course, I do NOT know everything! If you would like a consultation, fill out the application and we will see if I think I can help.

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Technique has been my focus. While attending Palmer, I took the extra-curricular courses in Grostic, Logan Basic, and Pierce-Stillwagon. Since graduating, I have taken Blair, Network Spinal Analysis, Torque Release, B.E.S.T., some CBP, and some Pettibon.

If you would like some ideas on the technique side of practice, fill out an application.

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Real Estate

Real estate is one of the key ways to supplement your income. It is something many people learned way before I did. My wife and I bought our first home when I was 39. We knew nothing. However, we improved the property and after owning it for 10 years it had doubled in value.

When I took the course for becoming an agent, I added the MBA thinking and systematized the process. I also realized that the market was likely to crash and was warning people. We were renting from 2004-2008.

Three of my four children own homes and are doing quite well. One of the three is a general contractor and has built two spec homes, several custom homes and performed many remodel projects.

I have mostly helped family and friends with their real estate investments. If you would like to run something by me, fill out an application and see if we are a fit.

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