Parkinson’s Law: Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.
I see that over and over again.
A banker called me last week. She was concerned that she did not have the paperwork she needed to close a deal on time. Due to the holiday, a deadline is being missed. Now we have to change the closing date and the banker seems to feel in control. She wants longer to make it happen.
Getting a commitment to a deadline is crucial in being productive. When working with others, you can then follow up with reminders and the questions necessary to make sure that everyone is on track and on time to reach the deadline.
It can even work to motivate yourself. Take a large goal and divide it into steps. Then put deadlines on each step. That keeps you on track and not allowing the work to fill the available time.
You might find that you suddenly become more productive or get a new idea to simplify the process. Or, perhaps fortune will smile on you to meet your deadline. At 11:20 this morning I received an email that an agent had been contacted by an inspector. I had told the agent that I would call the inspector if he had not heard from him by 11:30. Just occurred to me that might be a good example.
An insurance agent told me that he had until a certain date to make his agency reach a certain level in business. He said that it was almost miraculous that he made the deadline in the last month.
Want to be more productive? Put time a deadline on your goals.


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