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I enjoy putting my ideas into writing. The following are books I have published. They are available through Amazon. I am an Amazon affiliate and as such I have provided links to the books as a service to you and to provide another revenue stream for myself. As an affiliate, I am required to provide the following statement:

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Improving the Odds - From the Crapshoot of Manipulative Therapy to the Innate Chiropractic Adjustment

I wrote this book as a guide for a chiropractic seminar. It covers the philosophy and technique of chiropractic. The book is a high level over-view of Palmer Upper Cervical, Grostic, Gonstead, Pierce, Blair, Torque Release and Network Spinal Analysis.

Paperback Version

From Paint Rags to Riches - Becoming a Real Estate Millionaire

Real estate is one of the key ways to supplement your income. It is something many people learned way before I did. My wife and I bought our first home when I was 39. We knew nothing. However, we improved the property and after owning it for 10 years it had doubled in value.

When I took the course for becoming an agent, I added the MBA thinking and systematized the process. I also realized that the market was likely to crash and was warning people. We were renting from 2004-2008.

Three of my four children own homes and are doing quite well. One of the three is a general contractor and has built two spec homes, several custom homes and performed many remodel projects.

This book is a great primer on real estate investing. I give you a system to evaluate homes.

Your book is great!!!! I've read many books on this subject and am often ready to put them down after a few chapters. Your book has variety and you put it into language and context that keeps the average person interested.

Mike Kent, Host of Radio Real Estate With Mike Kent

The book is a first - makes real estate investing understandable and desirable for even the novice investor. Takes the mystery out of the process to the point that it would be a great gift for the "wannabe" investor.

Cheryl Ferrier, Past President Washington Association of Realtors(R)

Kindle Version

Dupe 'em and Dope 'em

After being in healthcare for nearly a quarter century, I felt compelled to write what is really going on. Exposed: How Politics Increased the Cost of Health Care in America is the first half of the book and Exposed: The "Science" of Medicine and the Dollars It Generates is the second half.

Mark Filippi, D.C., SomaSpace

The days of being gullible when it literally is "your money or your life" out there are over. What Robert does in this very practical arsenal of ideas is reverse engineer the assumptions you've been force fed about the nature of science, politics, and the 3rd leading cause of death: mainstream medicine. Once the "ahas" in her hit you, your battle plan to be more alive and free won't rely on them again.

Marcus Kuypers, M.D.

For an industry that consumes one sixth of our economy, we have remarkably poor health by most any measurement. Dr. Affolter lays out some of the reasons why we have the most expensive health care in the world. The current vision of a health care system as imposed by the politicians and "health care industry" will only perpetuate the same broken system. Dr. Affolter discusses why it will continue to cost us more and more and result in less and less, until we change the basic approach.

Nels. W. Rasmussen, D.C.

In Dupe 'em and Dope 'em, Dr. Affolter clearly lays out the hidden assumptions and motives that perpetuate a broken health care system that threatens to break us physically and financially. The first step to getting out of this mess is in understanding how we got here, and Dr. Affolter's book shows us that. Armed with this understanding we can begin to reclaim our personal responsibility for our health, and how our health care dollars can be spent far more wisely.

Kindle Version

Books that Have Had a Big Impact on My Thinking

I am providing the following links to books that I have found helpful. The list will continue to grow as I get time to add to the list and as I read more.

The Spirit of Reiki by Carolyn Jackson

A colleague gave me a copy of the manuscript for The Spirit of Reiki. I found it quite beautiful and provides the same voice and wisdom found in Walter Russell's work and others.

Carolyn and I became good friends and partners in studying human potential. We created Innate Foundation Publishing to publish The Spirit of Reiki and our other books.

I highly recommend it.

In Search of Schrodinger's Cat by John Gribbin

Gribbin stated that the question physicists had been ducking since the time of Newton was - is the universe determined? I combined that idea with evolutionary thinking to come to the realization that will cannot be a product of evolution.

The Divine Iliad by Walter Russell

I have found Walter Russell's work inspiring. Consider:

"Man and God are One. To the extent in which man knows God in him,
he is God and has His omnipotent power."

If you find that appealing, then you may like Russell's books. I am including links to both volumes of The Divine Iliad. I have read other books by Russell and also recommend them.

The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force by Jeffrey Schwartz and Sharon Bagley

I presented a talk at a local bookstore on Dupe 'em and Dope 'em. A retired anthropologist came and we had a long discussion. Once he realized where I was coming from, he recommended The Mind and the Brain.

I have enjoyed Sharon Bagley's writing for many years. Schwartz is a psychiatrist at UCLA. Together they present ideas on dualism and show that we can re-wire our brains.

This became an essential idea for my Ascendancy course.

The Ego Tunnel: The Science of Mind and the Myth of the Self

I was arguing my position in a Facebook group that included those interested in philosophy and science. I was told that I did not understand how the brain works and that I should read this book.

I enjoyed the book. It gives examples of ways our brain can be tricked into deceiving us. I wound up using quotes from the book to support my position in the group.

Never be afraid to search for truth.


Predictably Irrational, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

We are all irrational when we make buying decisions.

That irrationality can be predicted.

Find out more with this book.

Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive


Cialdini is one of the great researchers in marketing psychology. Read this book and give yourself a boost.

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership: DiSC Strategies for Becoming a Better Leader


This book will give you insights into your own emotions and decision making processes and help you understand and work with others.

The Secrets of Power Negotiating by Roger Dawson


I bought this course before CDs existed. I still have the cassettes. I have used many of the techniques and add my spin in my negotiation course.