When your desire to be right is bigger than your desire for truth, you are locked inside your ego tunnel.
In the science portion of the Ascendancy, I take you through a brief tour of Newtonian physics, evolutionary theory, and the two slit experiment of quantum mechanics and apply that to our ideas of how we control our lives.
Perhaps you have heard of bots – web robots that execute scripts to simulate people. Have you heard of artificial intelligence (AI) forming its own language?
Point of that last paragraph is that although computers are not yet thought to be intelligent, they seem to be communicating and simulating human intelligence. How do you know if you are in control – using your intelligence – or merely being a computer and allowing your programming to reply to another program?
This morning I added The Ego Tunnel: The Science of Mind and the Myth of the Self by Thomas Metzinger to my recommended reading list. You will find it near the bottom of the list.
Metzinger gives examples of how the brain can be fooled into giving us experiences that are not true – more evidence that we create our reality by what we believe. Or, to put in another and perhaps more scientific perspective, the neural programming of your brain interprets stimuli to give YOU an idea of what is happening. Of course, I added the YOU. Metzinger’s point is that there is no you. You are an illusion. The fallacy of his argument is at the end of the book where he recommends meditation to help us deal with the programming. We cannot do that without having Will, which is the point of the science section of the course.
Change your programming and you will process the stimuli differently. That is how people become brain washed into believing something. They take small steps that cause them to change their neural programming and they will then process stimuli differently.
How do you know if you are separating yourself from the program? Look at your life and see how you programmed yourself to be where you are. Look at the experiences of your parents before you were born – you may have inherited neural programs that are triggered by those experiences. Look at your education and other experiences. Those also become neural programs that dictate your responses – unless you overcome them.
Overcoming your neural programming to use your brain and create your life is the goal of the 8 week Ascendancy program.
A great benefit that I have found is that I not only see and learn to control my programs, I feel more compassion for those who have not learned to control theirs.


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