About Affolter Academy

I created the Academy to follow my own advice and teaching. I teach to do what you love. I love teaching. I love learning something and helping others by providing my insights. That is what the Academy is all about. Below you will find topic categories and my experience in that topic.


Professional entrepreneurs are the backbone of the American economy. Few get the training they need to understand the business side of their profession. Following is a list of some of my experience and why you might find my insights helpful.

  • University of Kansas M.B.A. 1978
  • IBM systems engineer 1978-1981
  • Western Washington University lecturer in College of Business and Economics 1984-1986
  • Chiropractor private practice 1985 to present
  • Manager/consultant Affolter Construction 2006 to present


As a chiropractor, I have been involved in healthcare for over 30 years. I have presented papers at chiropractic conferences, teach at Chirocredit.com, and taught seminars for continuing education for my colleagues. I wrote Improving the Odds as a book for a chiropractic seminar.

  • University of Kansas 1977 B.A. chemistry (pre-med curriculum)
  • Palmer College of Chiropractic 1984 D.C.
  • Chiropractic private practice 1985 to present
  • Chirocredit.com instructor 1984 to present


Politics affects every aspect of our lives. I believe it is important that each of us participates in the process. I am no longer aligned with any political party. I prefer to discuss issues.

  • Republican precinct officer 1985-1988
  • Editor of Whatcom County Republican Party newsletter 1986-1988

Real Estate

I was nearly 40 years old when I bought my first home. I did not really understand the real estate game until I took the course work to become an agent in 2002. I could not believe that I was so ignorant. I wrote From Paint Rags to Riches to help others understand the basics of real estate investing.

  • Washington State real estate agent in 2002
  • Wrote From Paint Rags to Riches - Becoming a Real Estate Millionaire in 2002
  • Let license lapse from 2004-2007
  • Regained license as a Washington State Broker in 2007
  • Consultant and Broker since 2007 focusing on real estate as an investment


Success has been defined as accomplishment of a plan or purpose. Having a plan or purpose assumes that part of you is capable of controlling your life. There is a part of you that is soul/spirit/mind or whatever term you choose to call it that controls your body.

My philosophy and teaching has been influenced by some of the following authors/books (in addition to Christianity).

  • Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich, plus others)
  • Vernon Howard (The Mystic's Guide to Cosmic Consciousness)
  • Jack Boland (Various audio tapes)
  • Carolyn Jackson (Spirit of Reiki)
  • Walter Russell (The Divine Iliad, plus others)