Are You Stuck In Your Own Little World?

We had a destination in mind but no real goal other than to get away. It was after sunset when we arrived at Bay View State Park. It was full.
We decided to go to Angel of the Winds Casino. The camper is self-contained so all we really need is a parking space. They had spots for campers so we stayed there. Won a few bucks Friday night and lost a few more Saturday morning.
Then we went to LaConner. We haven’t been there for years. It is a nice little town on a channel. We walked around and happened onto a Good Sam campground on the marina. We spent Saturday night there.
It is interesting that while sitting in the camper, we feel like it is just the two of us in our own little world. The reality is that there is a RV within 10 feet to either side of us. Although it feels like we are sitting in our little home having breakfast in our nook, the further reality is that we are sitting in the back of a pickup truck.
Now the question: Does it matter?
If I did not have a home to go back to, if all I had was a camper, some would feel sorry for me. Some would say that I live in the back of a pickup truck. Yet, a further reality is that my wife and I sleep better in the camper than we do at home. We love it!!
Point is that happiness is what life is all about. You are creating your reality by how you choose to see your world. Whether you are living the good life in an intimate little home, or are stuck in the back of a pickup truck is all a matter of perception. That perception is up to you.

Enjoy your life.