The Point

If you control your body, some part of you must exert a force on your brain to control it. That is your spirit or soul.

Some argue about whether or not we have free will. If you cannot control your brain, I argue that you do not have control over anything.

However, if you can control your brain, then every time you exert that control you are using your will. That is the first Success Essential. If you cannot use your will to set goals and achieve them, then there is no such thing as success.

Now watch the next video – Quantum Mechanics.

The Point

Some will say that our lives are not determined. They point to quantum mechanics and say that our lives are probability functions. That STILL does not give you will.

The point is that quantum mechanics gives us some pretty interesting phenomena. However, it does not seem to show that we are in control.

Do you have control? I cannot prove it to you. You can only prove it to yourself.

Master your mind and become the creator of your life.

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