Will you spend 50 years discovering what I have discovered, or take my shortcut?

"What do you do?"

I said, "I am teaching how to be successful. How to control your mind. How to make things happen in your life and the basic principles of business."

"How did you get interested in that?"

You might be asking those questions too. Each step that we take prepares us for the next step. Think about your life and what you are preparing to do. Here is a brief account of my journey and resources that had the most impact on my life.

I've included links for your convenience. You can follow in my footsteps, or you can take the shortcut I have created at the end.

It probably started with Earl Nightingale's comments on the radio.

'Some years ago, the late Nobel prize-winning Dr. Albert Schweitzer was asked by a reporter, “Doctor, what’s wrong with men today?” The great doctor was silent a moment, and then he said, “Men simply don’t think!”' from The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

It probably started with listening to Earl Nightingale's programs, while Dad took me to school. Dad bought cassette tapes from Nightingale Conant and let me listen to some of them. After he died, I kept his collection and bought many myself.

What separates the super from the mediocre?

Have you heard of Napoleon Hill? Many have not. What about Andrew Carnegie? Hill was a reporter and was interviewing Andrew Carnegie, possibly the richest man in the world. Carnegie gave Hill an opportunity. Carnegie would introduce Hill to the 500 wealthiest men in the world if Hill would commit the next 20 years to developing a philosophy of success - without pay. Hill took the opportunity and wrote Think and Grow Rich. The book became a best seller around the world.

I read Think and Grow Rich when I was in my teens. I read other success oriented books. I have always been interested in business. I was reading The Wall Street Journal and Barron's when I was in high school. I always thought I would become a doctor of chiropractic, like my father.I attended the University of Kansas (KU) and completed the pre-med curriculum with a B.A. in 1977. The M.B.A. seemed like a good idea. I stayed at KU and completed the M.B.A. in 1978. The education at KU gave me a background in science and business, which led to my next step.

IBM'er of the Month

I accepted a position at IBM and was trained as a systems engineer. I went from knowing nothing about computers to learning how to program and help customers install and use software. I won several contests and awards. IBM training gave me a background in programming, sales, and presentation skills.

Then Life Took a Turn

My father died in 1979. After giving a patient his records so he could see another doctor, the man said, "I wouldn't be able to work today if it wasn't for your dad." Then he told me he had been injured when he fell off of a scaffold. When local doctors couldn't help, he was sent to KU's medical school. After a week of daily blood draws and exams, a muscle biopsy was performed and sent to a lab in St. Louis. He was told to go home. He would get the diagnosis in the mail. A couple of weeks later, the diagnosis came. He had a rare disease and would never be able to work again. He was already back to work, because he saw my dad.

That experience had a profound impact on me. Did I want to help people be well or help sell computers? I had made a three year commitment to IBM. In 1981, I resigned my position to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic (PCC).

While at PCC, I applied to teach a lab course in the chiropractic technicians program. Part of the interview process was to present a five minute lecture. I used the presentation skills I learned at IBM. I got the job. I love teaching.

My father-in-law was teaching at Western Washington University (WWU), when I graduated. He told me the College of Business and Economics was looking for a lecturer. I applied and was hired over the phone. I taught for three quarters. Then focused on my practice.

My Practice Experience

My MBA was helpful but did not cover everything I needed to know to be an entrepreneur. The MBA prepared students for corporate work - not to be self-employed.

I was struggling. I hired a coach. I had some success.

I went back to studying Napoleon Hill's books on success. I formed a master mind alliance with my accountant. Soon, my practice took off. I realized I needed help. I wondered who? Instantly, I thought of a classmate. I don't know why. We weren't even close in school. I wondered how I could find him.

Within two weeks, he showed up at my office. Did you get that? I thought of him and he just showed up!! We talked and he started to work in my office. We worked together for nine years.

My master mind partner quit accounting and bought a business. We stopped our meetings soon after my associate started.

I added my associate's picture to a yellow pages advertisement that had been quite successful. When the book hit, my phone stopped ringing - just like the cord had been yanked from the wall!

My other marketing became less effective too. He and I formed a master mind relationship but it was never as effective as my first one. It was years before I understood why. Eventually we built a practice and doubled our office.

In 1998, we split up. I became more interested in energy work and human potential.

The Mystical Experience

A friend invited me to see her teacher. My friend said that she had paid for the session and all she wanted from me was to show up - no questions asked.

Her teacher sat on one side of a small table and I sat on the other. There was a box of tissues and a cassette recorder on the table. She asked my birth date and looked at Tarrot cards. She sat quietly and closed her eyes. She spoke in different voices as I met my spirit guides. I found the session quite emotional and was quickly grabbing tissues. I was told that I would cross paths with someone who would become my partner and that I would create a device for healing.

In 1997, I met Carolyn Jackson. She is a Reiki master and is quite psychic. A colleague had given me her unpublished book, The Spirit of Reiki. I still find the book quite moving. I went to see her. She told me that while talking with me she would hear things and tell me what she heard. I wanted to record the session so I could learn to do that too. She said, "What I hear won't be on the tape."

She would hear from a higher part of myself. We called that Innate - a term from chiropractic for the intelligence that controls our life - some might call it our true self. She heard that I was to develop a device for healing and she could help me. We agreed to work together.

I was trying to remember how a transformer works. I could see a picture from my old physics text in my mind. It was two coils of wire. I was trying to remember what was between them. Carolyn looked at me and asked, "What are you thinking about?" I said, "I'm trying to remember how a transformer works." She said, "I see the two coils what is between them? I looked at her and said, "What else can you do?"

I told that story to a group of doctors and one said nothing is between the two coils, which is correct. It also missed the entire point of the story. Carolyn told me exactly what I was thinking without any mention of coils.

Within a couple of months we had created a device. Then we had the choice of stopping or continuing to work together on other projects.

We are both interested in consciousness and what some might call the powers of the mind. She had proven to me that she was psychic. We began working on remote viewing and I helped her teach Reiki classes.

During a Reiki class, I was paired up with a man who had been granted a permanent disability for back pain. He claimed that while my hands were on his chest, he felt a jolt of pain to his lower back and his pain was gone. The next day he woke up without pain for the first time in many years.

We had a potential client who wanted help with developing her property. I want into something similar to a hypnotic state and described what I saw for the property. Carolyn drew what I described. We met with the owner that afternoon to present our idea. Before we did anything else, the owner told us she wanted us to see what someone else had designed for her. She unrolled the plans. The plan was identical to the plan we had brought.

Are you using all of your potential? 

Real Estate Education

Carolyn's son, Matt is a general contractor and my son, Ben, began working for him. Matt wanted Carolyn to get a real estate license to help him. I agreed to take the course work with her. We got our licenses in 2002.

I couldn't believe how ignorant I was about real estate. Based on my MBA I thought real estate was a poor investment. My wife wanted to buy a house, so we bought one in 1994. However, I hadn't thought about it as an investment.

I applied business principles to real estate and wrote From Paint Rags to Riches Becoming a Real Estate Millionaire. 

In 2005, I applied the principles and we sold our home. Here is a snippit from the Whatcom County website.

We bought in June of 1994 for $110,000 and sold in March of 2005 for $233,500. We had remodeled the garage to create 2 bedrooms, a play room and a laundry room. The roof had been replaced. The carpet was new. I painted the home myself. The furnace was replaced before closing. I had less that $20,000 in remodel costs.

Over $100,000 over eleven years on borrowed money. Not bad for what I thought would be a poor investment!!

Ben became a general contractor and built his first spec home in 2007. He undercut the market and sold for a profit.

Although 2008 was a poor time to sell a home, it was a great time to build. We bought 2 acres that Ben had purchased and hired him to build a home on it.

The market went lower and the downturn lasted longer than I expected, but we still made a profit.

Ben has built two spec homes, a couple of custom homes. He has made money on flips and helped many people remodel their homes. He just had an appraisal to refinance his personal residence. He bought the property in November of 2016 for about $250,000. The home appraised at $560,000.

Sam, my oldest son, and his wife, Cindy own a home in Seattle. They bought it in July of 2009, for $320,000. They invested about $160,000 in remodel - might be a little lower than what you could do - since his brother was the contractor. The home was last appraised in July of 2017 for $1.025 million.

My daughter, Melissa and her husband, Michael are also building equity through home ownership. Same process - buy right and remodel.

Becoming a Publisher

Carolyn and I were making The Spirit of Reiki hard-back books using a copier, clamps and glue.

She had encouraged me to teach courses to chiropractors. I wrote Improving the Odds - From the Crapshoot of Manipulative Therapy to the Innate Chiropractic Adjustment in 2002 and had a local printer create paperback books. I used the books as a text to teach a weekend seminar.

One day I saw an ad for a machine that would create paperback books. I called the company. A man answered the phone and told me he had won a law suit against Lightning Source and was not going to make the machine. So, I called Lightning Source.

Print on demand publishing was just getting started and Lightning Source was one of the first players. They told me they only work with publishers. So, I formed a publishing company, Innate Foundation Publishing. It is now Carolyn's company.

We have published five books. I am an Amazon affiliate, so if you purchase a book after clicking a link, I might make an extra buck - THANKS! Remember they are print on demand so your order may take a few days.

The Spirit of Reiki - Carolyn Jackson

"We hold the greatest friend, the truest lover, and the most faithful of companions right inside of ourselves. It has never abandoned us, never judged us and is always available. It is as close to us as our very breath. I have found that there is no substitute for this. I have found many different kinds of love with people, but never this perfect, pure, unconditional love." Carolyn Jackson









From The Spirit of Reiki, page 15.

Tales from the Master - Carolyn Jackson

This is a fun book of short stories. Like Eesop's fables each story is a lesson in how to live a better life. Many of these stories came to Carolyn while working with clients. I may have even inspired a tale or two.

From Paint Rags to Riches - Becoming a Real Estate Millionaire - Robert Affolter

As I found out, your personal residence can be the most valuable investment you will ever make - IF you buy it right. This book will help you evaluate properties to buy right.

"Your book is great!!!! I've read many books on this subject and am often ready to put them down after a few chapters. Your book has variety and you put it into language and context that keeps the average person interested." Mike Kent, Host of Radio Real Estate.

Improving the Odds - From the Crapshoot of Manipulative Therapy to the Innate Chiropractic Adjustment - Robert Affolter

This is the book for chiropractors. It was my ideas about chiropractic in 2002. Many people have enjoyed my take on the philosophy of chiropractic. I was leaving it in the reception area for patients to read. Some enjoyed it. You might too - whether you are a chiropractor or not.

Dupe 'em and Dope 'em - Robert Affolter

I wrote two ebooks to provide my insights on healthcare in America. Exposed How Politics Increased the Cost of Health Care in America lays out why healthcare costs so much in the United States. Exposed The "Science" of Medicine and the Dollars It Generates looks at how statistics are used to create diseases and demand for medicine. Both books were combined into this paperback.

"The current vision of a health care system as imposed by the politicians and 'health care industry' will only perpetuate the same broken system. Dr. Affolter discusses why it will continue to cost us more and more and result in less and less, until we change the basic approach." Marcus Kuypers, M.D.

Doubled a Chiropractic Practice in 90 Days

In 2007, I decided to go back to chiropractic practice. I had decided on the equipment I wanted and was considering my options when two colleagues approached me to sell their practices.

One already had a buyer, but the buyer had to pass the state exam. I was considering the other practice. There was a delay in communication and the buyer of the first practice did not pass the exam. Turned out the practice had the exact equipment I was looking to purchase. I bought it. The practice went from seeing 25 patients per day to 50 patients per day in 90 days.

However, I wasn't happy. I didn't have time to talk to people. I didn't have time to think and teach.

The healthcare debate was going strong and I wrote Dupe 'em and Dope 'em in 2009.

I Can Teach Online!!

In 2004, I began teaching courses to chiropractors for continuing education through Chirocredit.com. I created courses in chiropractic philosophy, business, and x-ray analysis. The courses were mostly text. Later I taught courses by teleseminar and eventually video.

One day I attended a teleseminar and learned that I could teach using my own web site. I was inspired.

I began learning video editing and web site development. What should I teach?

The Importance of Controlling Your Mind - My Favorite Topic

When we sold our second home, I packed up my books to move. I realized that much of my life is how people can be successful. I have five books by Napoleon Hill. I also have notes that I made many years ago on Think and Grow Rich.

I also have books by Vernon Howard. In 1997, a colleague wanted to take a self-study course on commodity trading. He bought the course and wanted me to take it and teach him. The course started with books by Vernon Howard on controlling the mind. The instructor said that his life changed when he read a book by Vernon Howard. He included the books with the course.

My life also changed. I learned to control my mind. I learned that often I thought I was in control, when I really was not.

Here are a couple of books by Vernon Howard:

Psycho-Pictography: The New Way to Use the Miracle Power of Your Mind

The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power

An Epiphany - Put Physics, Biology and Spirituality Together

In 2004, I read In Search of Schrodinger's Cat. John Gribbin's explanation of quantum mechanics. Is the universe determined? That is the question physicists have been ducking since the time of Newton, according to Gribbin. If the universe is determined, we have no choices in life.

I put that together with evolution and realized that when I control my mind, I am proving that I am something more than my brain. I am a soul with a body.

I first presented the idea at a philosophy conference on chiropractic in 2004. I have continued to read and refine the ideas.

I read books including The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force by Jeffrey Schwartz. Dr. Schwartz is a psychiatrist at UCLA. His work on controlling your brain is similar to the chiropractic idea - you are not your brain - you control it.

When Facebook came along, I began presenting the ideas in various chiropractic, philosophy and science groups. I was encouraged to read The Ego Tunnel: the Science of Mind and the Myth of Self by Thomas Metzinger. This book is about the "science of mind". Your experience will show you the limitations of the book.

Another author that I have found helpful is Walter Russell. I find his books similar to Carolyn's The Spirit of Reiki in that we become great as we realize God in us. Mind/God is the Universal One. However, we seem to think best by thinking of a duality. The Message of the Divine Iliad - Volume 1 and The Message of the Divine Iliad - Volume 2

I am convinced that we develop best by thinking of ourselves as a duality of soul and body and that we can use science - thinking and experimentation to improve our lives.

Affolter Academy Is Born

It all Starts with Mental Mastery

"You have absolute control over but one thing, and that is your thoughts. This is the most significant and inspiring of all facts known to man! It reflects man's divine nature." Napoleon Hill

The best way to improve your life is to start by controlling your brain. Using my background in science and programming, I take you through a process that shows you that your brain is a bio-computer and you are the operator/programmer. I have created an 8 week course that takes you step by step through a process. You watch a short video to get the concept then watch another video to get the exercise. Practice the exercise every day for a week.

That is how I learned to fly. I would read a lesson then go up in a plane.

Simply reading something will not change your life. Think about it. If you spent an hour reading a diet book, how much weight did you lose during that hour? Most people won't use any of the information and won't lose a pound.

You must do the exercises and develop your ability to control your mind. I know you already do it. I bet you will be surprised by how often you do not!

Imagine being worried or upset and taking control of your mind. You can develop a chatter-free mind, a place of calm and peace.

I will also teach you goal setting and why it so often fails. You will learn why visualization fails for so many and how to take your vision and make it a reality.

You will also learn two spiritual laws that you must use to be in harmony and balance  - all that and more.

Business Basics

In under an hour, you can complete this series of videos. I cover many of the basic concepts I learned in the MBA program that were helpful. In addition, I cover what an entrepreneur needs to know.

Education builds new programs in your brain. You change how you think. You become more money conscious.

You will learn how one of my colleagues saved enough money to buy a second home - just by following what you learn in one video.

Another colleague spent several thousand dollars re-organizing his business because an attorney did not understand the law. I will tell you what to look for to limit your liability.

Business Valuation

The Capital Budgeting Decision was a helpful course in the MBA program. It was about how to put a value on business decisions.

I created this course for my chiropractic colleagues. There are a lot of crazy ideas about how to value a practice. In fact, some are paying in excess of $100,000 too much for a practice. In under an hour, you will learn a simple system that just makes sense.

This information helps change your brain to thinking like an entrepreneur. You can use the same ideas in any business including real estate investing.

What Everybody Should Know About Real Estate Investing

This is a pdf you can download. It is an updated version of From Paint Rags to Riches. Learn how you can make your personal residence a significant investment.

Imagine putting $6000 down on a home worth $200,000. Then paying your mortgage for 10 years and finding (with a few improvements) your home is worth $400,000. That is just an example of what many people find to be true.

Weekly Q&A Webinar

You can read all the books I read and spend 50 years of your life figuring it out - hoping for Mystical Experiences - like I had. Or, you can take the courses I have created for you.The courses are great. However, you will still have questions. Every week you will have access to me to answer your questions. Can't make the live session? No problem. You can ask your question during registration. I will answer the question during the webinar and send you a link to the replay.

A great thing about being in a class is group interaction. You get to hear questions from others that you haven't considered yet. You also get to hear ideas from your fellow students. By answering the questions during the webinar and sending you the replay, it is like you are in a classroom.

What Is this Worth to You?

Think about it. How much would this training be worth to you?

What is the ability to have a chatter-free mind worth? Perhaps it will save your marriage. Perhaps it will save your health? What is that worth?What about understanding the fundamentals of running a business? Even if you are not an entrepreneur, the fundamentals apply to many aspects of your life.

How about the knowing how to put a value on business purchases? Even if you don't buy or sell a business, you can use the same process to evaluate equipment or real estate purchases.

Are you invested in real estate? One of the most powerful investments you can make is the investment in your home. Are you thinking properly so you can maximize your investment? Will you add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your net worth by purchasing a home, like my children are doing?

The problem with self help is that we can often see for someone else what we can't see for ourselves. What is it worth to have somebody you can talk to every week?

Membership is just $194 for the first two months (time to complete the entire 8 week Mental Mastery course), then $97 per month. No long term contracts. Quit any time after the first two months. 

You will continue to have access to the weekly Q&A Webinar for as long as you are a member. Plus, as long as you are a member you will get all future Basic Level courses. Plus you get a no-price increase guarantee for as long as you remain a member.
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We all experience disappointments, tragedies, and defeats.

You might be thinking that you have problems I can't relate to. Perhaps.

Mandy and I have been married for over 40 years. We have four grown children and one grandson. Our second son, Dan, died in my arms a few days after Christmas in 1982. He had a congenital malformation of his intestine that was mis-diagnosed as colic.

During my "mystical experience" period, I was focused on personal development. I lost 2/3 of my practice when my associate and I split up. My income was down. I had creditors calling constantly. Yet, I could find the chatter-free mind where everything was fine. I learned that the creditors could be annoying but really had no power over me.

If you have had a notice posted on your home that you are in the foreclosure process, I've been there. If you've had a notice posted on your business that you must pay or vacate, I've been there.

One of my teachers in high school said, "The best teachers are not the ones that got everything easily. The best teachers are the ones who struggled. They are the ones you want. They know what you're going through."

As the title says, I've spent nearly 50 years discovering what is in this program. I have a lot of experience in different fields to help you during our Q & A Webinars.

Thanks for reading!

I look forward to meeting you.

Robert Affolter