Success Essentials

In Business and In Life

Coming March 1, 2018!!!

Are you ready to learn the essentials for success?

This 8 week program is for you!

Week 1

Ascendancy Lesson 1

Successful people know how to control the mind. In this first lesson, you will experience controlling your mind. This is the foundation. Practice so you can deprogram and reprogram your brain and create your life.

Business Basics

Learn the essentials - from bookkeeping and business structures to finance and credit scores. This course alone could be worth membership for several years.

Week 2

Ascendancy Lesson 2

Learn to deprogram your brain to let go of the limiting beliefs and falsehoods that are holding you back.

Business Valuation

If you are thinking of buying or selling a business, this is for you. If not, this course will help you think about any major financial decision - so you come out on top!

Week 3

Ascendancy Lesson 3

It helps to understand science at a high level. In under 20 minutes, you will learn the basics of physics so that you can better control your brain.

Real Estate Fundamentals

For most people, real estate will be the key to their success. Your home should be your first real estate investment. Treat it as such - so you can succeed!

Week 4

Ascendancy Lesson 4

Many people find visualization does not work for them. Find out why so you can make your visions reality.

Finance Essentials

Managing, borrowing and lending money is important to all of us. Do you know the basics? You will after this course.

Week 5

Ascendancy Lesson 5

You are the operator and programmer of your brain. Learn how to use your mind to control the input and programming of your brain.

Essentials of Negotiation

We typically think of negotiations when buying or selling cars or homes. The reality is that we are in negotiations nearly every day. You can learn to be a better negotiator.

Week 6

Ascendancy Lesson 6

Once you understand these two laws, you will see them in operation everywhere. Use them to make your life and the lives of others happier.

Advertising Essentials

If you are in business, you want to know how to advertise to get customers to buy your products or services. If you are the customer, you want to know how these tactics are being used on you.

Week 7

Ascendancy Lesson 7

Many people fail to achieve their goals, find out why and what you can do to achieve yours.

Essentials of Personal Communication

How you say something can be more important that what you say. Build your communications skills with this course.

Week 8

Ascendancy Lesson 8

Be flexible with your plan to achieve your goal. A master-mind is created when two or more minds come together in perfect harmony. Create your master-mind alliance and accelerate your way to your goals.

Essentials of Team Building

Life is more fun with a team - IF - it is the right team. Your business will also be far more productive, IF - you have the right team.

Coming March 1, 2018!

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