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I'm Robert Affolter, founder of Affolter Academy. The mission of the Academy is to provide professional entrepreneurs with the highest quality training, in the shortest amount of time, in an affordable manner.

Many people believe business is easy. Our professional colleges make it sound that way too. Just get your degree and you’ll have an instant income. The reality is that many professionals fail as entrepreneurs, not because of clinical incompetence but due to lack of business knowledge. In fact, some colleges realize the importance of business knowledge and even offer dual degrees - Harvard, UCSF, UCDavis are just a few examples.

Don't spend 1-2 years of your life and $20,000+ more in education for an MBA.


Even an online MBA can run $20,000. I completed the MBA program before I attended chiropractic college. One of my professors said that we were not being trained to be experts in accounting, economics, marketing, human resources or finance. We were trained to have the vocabulary and general knowledge to work with specialists in all those fields.

Although it helped give me a business mindset, and helped me land a job at IBM, most of what I needed to know to be a successful doctor of chiropractic I learned while in practice - from coaches and colleagues, from books, audios and videos, from attorneys and accountants, and from my own personal research.

After paying for an MBA in time and money, you still may not know what is vital for your success as a professional entrepreneur.


I founded Affolter Academy because I have a passion for teaching. I've been a lecturer on faculty of Palmer College of Chiropractic and the College of Business and Economics at Western Washington University. I've also taught continuing education online at since 2004.

I saw a need for professional entrepreneurs to obtain the basic education that would help them be successful, quickly and affordably. The valuable stuff I learned in the MBA (minus the filler) plus the stuff I didn't know when I began practice.

Of course, my particular area of expertise is chiropractic. I've practiced for over 30 years. Business is business. There isn't a lot of difference in business basics between a veterinarian, a medical doctor, dentist and chiropractor.

There is a substantial difference in thinking between the person who signs the fronts of checks and the employee who signs the backs.


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