The Transgender Restroom Solution – Outlaw Urinals

If we want to solve a problem, it is key to get down to the root cause. That has not been done in the case of transgender restrooms. Obama ordered public schools to allow people to go to the restroom that makes them most comfortable. That just causes another problem when people are uncomfortable with the transgender person being in that restroom. People then want legislation to force people to go to the restroom of the sex on their birth certificate. Both sides are ignoring the real problem.

In the case of transgender restrooms, what is the root cause of the problem? Why do we have gender specific restrooms? I do not know the history. It seems to me to get down to the idea that genitals of the opposite sex should not be seen. More specifically, women should not be seeing penises and men should not be seeing vaginas. We can question how we are raised and how to change people so that is not the case. That just becomes another argument. Is there a solution that accommodates privacy?

Since women go into a stall and shut the door, there should be no problem in the women’s restroom.

The problem arises in the men’s restroom. Penises are hanging out all over the place while men urinate. However, men also use a stall and shut the door. The problem is the urinals.

The solution seems obvious. Take the gender off all restroom signs and outlaw urinals.