Business Appraisal: The Professional's Guide

Learn the Basics of Practice Valuation in <1 Hour...

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Here Is Why You're Gonna Love This

The fastest way to a profitable practice is to purchase one. The question is: How much is it worth?

This course will give you the basics of practice valuation. After taking the course, you'll have a much better business mindset and you'll avoid some common errors that cost buyers thousands of dollars.

Develop a Business Mindset

A professional's mindset is different from a business mindset. The professional entrepreneur wears both hats.

Know When the "Gurus" Aren't

There are a lot of coaches and mentors giving business advice and offering their opinions of what practices are worth. After taking this course, you'll know the right questions to ask.

Compare Businesses Based on ROI+

Business owners think in terms of Return-On-Investment. Most healthcare providers don't know how to calculate ROI. After taking this course, you'll know more than one way, and you will know what to look for in addition to ROI.

"As a chiropractic coach, many of my clients are either wanting to sell or purchase a clinic.  As such, it is essential for them to hire a practice valuator. Dr. Robert Affolter, in my opinion, is THE most qualified practice valuator in the industry. Not only is he a real estate agent but he also has an MBA AND is a chiropractor. So, if  you're seeking someone that truly understand all of the components to accurately valuate a practice, Dr. Affolter is your man.”

Richard Avery, D.C. - Chiropractic Niche Coach

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