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To enlighten means to give someone greater knowledge or understanding about a subject or situation. The Academy offers books, courses and consulting on a variety of topics - all designed enlighten you. I hope you take advantage and enjoy!

Robert Affolter


Udemy Courses for Success

Short Lessons With Big Benefits

The courses are taught through Udemy.com a leader in online education. Students can also ask questions through the Udemy system. If you want private or group consultations, see the consulting programs.

Business Basics: The Professional's Guide

This course is those with no business background. You will learn the basic vocabulary of accounting, benefits of different business structures, what you need to know when applying for loans, and more... (learn more here).

$25 Value
Save 60%

Expires 08/31/17

Business Appraisal: The Professional's Guide

This course is about how to place a value on a business - in particular a professional practice. These are some of the ideas I learned during the MBA program and the my real estate education. (learn more here)

$50 Value

Save 50%

Expires 08/31/17

Ascendancy: The Professional's Guide

This eight week course is designed to help you ascend to the top of your field. It starts by learning to control your mind. Successful people in every field agree that success is a mindset.

However, this course is much more. You'll learn a little science behind the process, have personal experiences of your power, discover why so many fail at goal setting and how you can succeed, plus much more.

Short and powerful lessons to master your life. (learn more here)


Office Hours

I set aside time every week for answering questions and sharing ideas with my students. Watch your email for the next session.


Seminars and Special Courses

Looking for a speaker or course for a break-out session for your group or association? Leave a message at the message phone and I will call you to see if we are a fit.