The Professional's Guide to Business Basics

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Here Is Why You'll Love This

You've spent years learning your profession. Don't let somebody with an undergrad business degree hire you and make more money than you.
Professional entrepreneurs can have an enviable lifestyle and income. You have to treat your business as a business.
It starts with education. This Business Basics course is a start. In well under an hour, you will know more than many of your peers who've been in business for years.

Speak to Bankers Confidently

Know how bankers think before you go to apply for a loan.

Questions to Ask Your Attorney

You can reduce your liability with the proper business structure. However, some attorneys don't do it right. You have to know what to ask.

Understand Accounting and Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers are great for keeping books. Don't rely on them to run your business. Know what the numbers mean and how your business is affected.

"That was a good class. I wish I would have known most of that 10 years ago. Very important, loaded concepts were presented in perhaps the most understandable and concise format I've seen."

Matthew Christopher, D.C., MCS-P, CCPC - Christopher Chiropractic

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