The Professional's Guide to Ascendancy

8 Week Course to Control Your Mind and Achieve Your Goals

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Here Is Why You Need This

The spiritual part of you is what really controls your life.

That part of you has to take control.

Your body is a bio-computerized vehicle. If you don't take control, your life will be controlled by others.

This course will show you how to take control.

Get Control of Your Mind

Your life is a product of how you control your mind. Take control of your mind and take control of your life.

Become Ascendant

Once you get control of yourself, you'll feel less need to control others. You'll rise above that desire.

Set Personal Goals

Often others try to force their goals onto you. The result is often failure. Learn how to set goals that are meaningful for you and let go of goals that are not.

'Of all the things I've learned, the ability to control my thoughts is my most cherished. In this course, I'll give you exercises to control your mind and show you practical applications to help all aspects of your life."

Robert Affolter, M.B.A, D.C. - Affolter Academy

1 Year Access - $300 Value - $150 During Introductory Offer (Save $150)

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