Enlightening People Who Choose To Think

Affolter Academy, LLC

Enlighten me...

To enlighten means to give someone greater knowledge or understanding about a subject or situation. The Academy offers books, courses and consulting on a variety of topics - all designed enlighten you. I hope you take advantage and enjoy!


Consulting with YOU in Mind

Because Sometimes You Want Another Perspective

Consulting sessions offer you insights to your neural programming and how you can take control of your life. A sculptor removes pieces of stone to reveal the sculpture within the stone. Similarly, sessions give you an opportunity to let go of the concepts and ideas that are covering and limiting your Innate potential.

Consulting clients frequently work with me to:

  • See the programming they have accepted as truth.
  • Develop new spiritual understanding.
  • Let go of resentment.
  • Find your motivations.
  • Recognize the programming of others.

After consulting sessions, clients often experience:

  • Greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.
  • Freedom from guilt.
  • Ability to quiet the mind.
  • Improved understanding of others.
  • Improved relationships at home and work.

Ready for Personal Consulting? Choose Your Session Package Below!

Choose your package and complete payment. Then go to the contact page and leave a message on the message phone or send an email to schedule your consulting sessions.

One Session - this is great for getting clarity on one issue or making a decision.

Five Sessions - Choose this level if you want to get your feet wet in making major changes in your life.

Ten Sessions - This level is for people ready to take the plunge and change their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a consulting session?

Typical sessions are 1 hour in length.

How do I have a session with you, if I am not near your office?

We conduct sessions via computer or phone. If you have access to the Internet or phone, we can have a session.

How often should I have a session?

The answer is really dependent on your individual desires. Some clients prefer once per week or every two weeks. Some want even more frequent sessions to handle deep seated programming that they are finding difficult to release.

Others may only want one session to establish some clarity about an issue or course of action.

I see that you have extensive experience in business, chiropractic, and real estate. Can I ask questions about those areas?

Of course. I consider the foundation of everything to be personal awakening - what I call becoming the programmer/operator of your body.

Once you know how you have been programmed, you are more receptive to other experiences. You see life clearer.

I enjoy helping with insights on business, health, and real estate investing.

How does your consulting service differ from coaching?

I think of coaches as people who tell you what to do. They give you a set of To Do's and hold you accountable. They can be very helpful. That is not what I do.

A consultant gives you an analysis or insights that help you make decisions. You make the decisions and you are in control.

I am ready to get going! What do I do next?

Choose the package of sessions that seem to fit you best and complete payment. Then go to the contacts page and submit the form to schedule your sessions.